Soil Health and the Farm Bill with Nick Levendofsky

Executive Director of the Kansas Farmers Union, Nick Levedofsky visits with Kansas Rural Center Program Manager Ryan Goertzen-Regier and Kansas Rural Center Board of Directors President Zack Pistora about the history of the Farm Bill, how it affects everyone, who represents Kansans, and how to communicate our needs with those in Washington D.C.

Listen here! Soil Health Series Ep. 02 — Kansas Rural Center


Kansas Farmers Union –

History of the United States Farm Bill –

National Farmers Union Fly-In –

Conservation Stewardship Program –

EQUIP – Environmental Quality Incentives Program –

Episode Timeline:

00 – Introduction

03 – Take care of the land and it will take care of you

06 – Climate Change

11 – Where do we come from, and what could we do better?

17 – What do we have to do to take the Farm Bill to the next level?

21 – Stats on individuals approved for programs stemming from the Farm Bill.

25 – Working with the current administration.

27 – Who Is representing Kansas farmers in D.C. and how can we reach them?

33 – Will political games get in the way?

36 – Nutrition programs are the most divisive but everyone gets behind conservation programs.

39 – This is the most American Bill!

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