Grazing Cover Crops: Winter Wheat vs Rye?

How can we work in cover crops following corn and soybean harvest that will get enough growth to be worthwhile? Is winter wheat better than rye?

Question submitted from southeast Nebraska.

Nick Guetterman, Bucyrus, KS:
This is in my farm in east-central Kansas.  30 lbs rye and 4 lbs hairy vetch on the right vs 150 lbs of wheat on the left.  Both drilled in October.  
Interseeding rye into corn and beans will help to get more growth for grazing. 
Candy Thomas, NRCS Regional Soil Health Specialist, used the Rusle 2 database to graph the full depth live root mass (up to 24″) in lb/ac on any given day from planting to seedhead formation and harvest. She ran the program as a no-till scenario in northeast Kansas.
Simple explanation of wheat and rye root growth from Indiana.

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