The Carbon Sequestration SOILution: Soil Health & Community Farm to Fork

The regeneration of soil is being recognized as a critical tool to sequester gigatons of carbon out of the atmosphere, needed to stabilize our climate and meet the IPCC goals of staying below a 2c temperature increase. Soil is holding 2-3x the amount of carbon as is in the atmosphere, and is the only viable…

Tools to Inform Playa Management Decisions

Two new tools from Playa Lakes Joint Venture can help producers make managementdecisions about playas in their fields and determine how USDA conservation programssuch as the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Wetland Reserve Easements,and Conservation Reserve Program can meet their operational objectives. The Playa Land Use Calculator helps producers explore tradeoffs and benefits ofrestoring or conserving…

Northeastern Colorado Progressive Ag Symposium

Double Tree by Hilton Motel 919 7th Street, Greeley

Innovations to agricultural production including soil health principles, regenerative ag, conservation tillage, irrigation technology and associated nutrient and pest management techniques.  One of the points of emphasis would be to demonstrate to participants that conversion from conventional ag production to a more soil building and ecologically friendly approach is financially feasible.


This presentation will introduce the Collaborative Adaptive Rangeland Management (CARM) project and key social and ecological findings developed by the transdisciplinary research team over the past eight years. These include insights into the complexity of social learning, conservation/production trade-offs, and best practices for participatory grazing research methods, illustrating the value of building trust, connection to…


Many grasslands throughout the northern Great Plains of North America possess attributes that support the successful delivery of multiple ecosystem services. Among these services, climate mitigation has generated renewed interest from policymakers, private corporations, and land managers. Robust science-based guidance is needed to provide stakeholders with timely information regarding climate-related benefits from grasslands in the…


Decomposition of organic materials in grasslands leads to nutrient availability and nutrient cycling, which define quality and functionality of rangeland ecosystems. The inputs to the system include urine, dung, litter, and trampled vegetation and maybe influenced spatially and temporally by the grazing strategy. The nutrient cycling model of this grazed system as well as temporal…

High Plains No-Till Conference

Burlington Community and Education Center 340 S 14th St, Burlington

More information coming later.

Farming Evolution

Phillips County Event Center 22505 US 385, Holyoke

Confirmed presenters: Nick Vos, David Montgomery, Annie Biklé, Ray Ward, Candy Thomas and Brice Custer. More information to come! Hosted by Haxtun and Yuma County Conservation Districts in Colorado and Upper Republican NRD in Nebraska.