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Cover Crop Challenges

A mix of spring forage barely, Indian mustard, black oats, winter peas, and crimson clover was planted on April 1. Cows were put on it May 7 and pulled around June 21. At that time,…

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New ground: Where to start the regeneration process?

If you were getting a new piece of ground that had been conventionally tilled the last 16 years, where would you start the regeneration process?  I can’t soil test yet, but know that it hasn’t…

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Grazing Cover Crops: Winter Wheat vs Rye?

How can we work in cover crops following corn and soybean harvest that will get enough growth to be worthwhile? Is winter wheat better than rye? Question submitted from southeast Nebraska.

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Livestock Integration

Would you be interested in a Grazing Exchange?

Integrating livestock helps maintain healthy soil, and partnerships between graziers and landowners are mutually beneficial. We are currently considering the creation of a Grazing Exchange program. If you have land or livestock that you'd like to make available to another Kansas farmer or rancher, let us know!